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#nadskaihome updates

This is a Sundate – #nadskai at it’s best entry. For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

As some of you guys may remembered, I shared some updates on #nadskaihome. One being a piece on tips on shortlisting your prospective contractor or interior designer and the other being my defects check at my new BTO.

For those who have been following my BTO journey, I finally have some updates!

In the end we decided on using a contractor. We had a really hard time deciding between an interior designer that we really liked and a contractor friend. In the end, we went with the contract as costwise, it was much more affordable for us.

That being said, there were lots of delays due to certain reasons (which I will share in the later part of my renovation journey).

We’ve finally commenced and hopefully things will go on smoothly. These are some of the things that we’ll be doing.

Living Room

  • Feature wall
  • TV Console
  • Shoe cabinet


  • Swing door
  • Top and bottom cabinet on one side
  • Bottom cabinet on the other
  • Concrete base and Granite countertop

Master bedroom

  • Study table at the corner
  • Headboard
  • Curtain pelmet

Guestroom 1

  • Hack the wall in-between room and MBR and make good
  • Seal up door with bricks
  • Walk in wardrobe
  • Settee with storage at window area
  • Curtain pelmet
  • Vanity Table

Guestroom 2

  • Curtain pelmet
  • Settee with storage at window area

Master bedroom toilet

  • Shower screen
  • Framed mirror
  • Countertop and bottom cabinet
  • Overlay of 2 x wall tiles

Common toilet

  • Framed mirror
  • Countertop and bottom cabinet
  • Overlay of 2 x wall tiles

Lots of carpentry involved! Hope all will turn out well.

Keeping things simple! More updates soon! Let the renovation journey commence!

Also, some updates that I shared on my Dayre recently.


Hacking has begun for #nadskaihome! #renovation
We had many friends who tried to tell us not to hack but seriously if we had devoted a room just for a wardrobe, it would be as unusable. Well, I can hack the carpentry in future but that’s such a waste of money for us!

Plus we aren’t intending to sell the place after 5 years, so it was an easy decision for us! If selling then won’t hack lah. Hard to sell after that.

This area will be our walk in wardrobe and vanity area!

The amount of bricks to seal up the recesses and our guestroom door.

So many bricks, so little time lolololol

Can’t wait to wake up to this view ????????????

We finally bought our dining set last week. We were hunting for something with a bench and we saw this many months ago.. Finally decided to buy this after looking around…

Actually we were really set on this but we didn’t like the chairs. Plus we thought it was hard finding a matching bench and dining chairs.. Scared the wood colour tak match. So in the end we decided on the other dining table!

Just gotta get a nice tablecloth to protect the white tabletop ????

We also bought our sofa set! Wasn’t really the material or the exact shade we wanted but comfort was more important to us!

We were hunting for something with a good neck rest. That to us is a sign of a comfortable sofa. One you can just sink into! I’m a huge advocate of comfortable neck rests.. I bring my neck pillow for every trip I go to, even if it’s a short flight. Hate the feeling of a neck cramp! ????????????

It’ll be this shade of grey! I guess it’s kinda matching to our dining set grey? Lol

This was the initial sofa set that we liked but it wasn’t as “sink in worthy” like the one we finally paid for.

Hope that the haze stays away! My estate is pretty quiet still as not all blocks have been released.

More updates soon I hope! Need to think of paint colours and laminate colours soon. ????

Happy #nadskai! It’s amazing how fast things are progressing for us.

A bit scary too. LOL

Just gotta hang tight! ????

These are some fans and lights that we bought previously. Almost S$1500 worth! $.$

And also comparing the many different sort of carpet grass available!

I had a grass carpet for #nadskai1314 and now one for #nadskaihome. Haha!

I’m so in love with this sofa bed! It’s super duper comfy! Only thing is the colour is damn off. Totally tak match any of our colours.

But it’s for the guest bedroom… Hmm decisions decisions decisions.

Gonna look around still! But comfortwise, it’s Damn shiok. Wouldn’t mind sleeping on this! ????

So ugly but so comfy ????????????

Last update for now… GOODBYE GREEN FUGLY TILES!

Hahaha! Still don’t understand why they used such an ugly tile for a premium project. ????????????

Some of my neighbours have kept it but I can’t. Green is one of the colours I really do not like. Mint green can. Camo green no.

But then the c(hubby) wears uniform everyday. Oops ????????????

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