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Dinner at Salt Tapas & Bar

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[Invited Tasting]

I was invited alongside the girls for a dinner tasting at Salt Tapas & Bar. I have actually visited Salt Tapas & Bar for a tasting many years ago and was excited to see what new offerings the new Executive Chef Ronald Li will be implementing in Salt Tapas & Bar’s menu.

Not to be confused with Salt Grill & Sky Bar, the menu at Salt Tapas & Bar focuses on modern Tapas with an Australian twist (inspired by Chef Luke Mangan’s culinary personality) and focuses on communal dining.

singapore food blog, nadnut

singapore food blog, nadnut

We started the night with some drinks.

singapore food blog, nadnut

singapore food blog, nadnut

My choice of poison was The Mojito ($18++) which consisted of a sugar stick, mint leaves, lime wheels, rum and brown sugar. Lovely drink that wasn’t too strong. While most might let the sugar stick melt into the drink or use it as stirrer, I happily munched on it nonstop.

The dishes soon came out fast and furiously and we struggled to keep up.

singapore food blog, nadnut

One of my personal favourites would have to be the Taco of tempura prawn, pineapple salsa, chipotle mayo ($12++). I have always been a fan of prawns deep fried in batter and coupled with sinful mayo. The combination of the pineapple salsa, chipotle mayo and roe went quite well! If I were to try to replicate this at home, I would definitely swop the chipotle mayo for a wasabi sauce instead. Just a personal preference!


I first tried Pork belly sliders, picked cucumber and chilli ($13++) back in 2013 and it didn’t disappoint again. While some may balked at the thought of pickled cucumber, I really enjoyed it! I felt it was a nice pairing with the generous serving of juicy pork belly.



I’ve never tried Bone Marrow before and was quite squeamish about trying it. However Salt Tapas and Bar’s Bone marrow with shiitake duxelle, holland potato and garlic toast ($20++) totally changed my mind. The roasted marrow was mixed with shiitake and potato and savoured with a lovely buttery piece of garlic toast. Great for sharing!



I was fooled by the Haloumi, eggplant, chickpea, dried tomatoes, herbs and tahini dressing ($13++) I thought it was a fish dish at first! It’s actually a grilled an unriped brined cheese made up of a mixture of milk. As a huge fan of cheese, I really enjoyed this dish. The saltiness of the cheese was perfectly matched with the other ingredients. Two thumbs up!


I remember trying the Beets, ricotta, figs, pickled green chilli, honey and thyme dressing ($14++) back in 2013. A really refreshing dish however I’m not a fan of beets. I picked on the other ingredients and pushed the beets aside.



Back in 2013, I really enjoyed the seafood Paella. I loved that they revamped this classic dish. The Paella of prawns, mussels, squid, chorizo, chicken, prosciutto and saffron rouille ($39++) was delightful. It was full with lots of ingredients and generously seasoned. Definitely value for money and worth sharing.


We also shared the Grilled barramundi, mango salsa, sauteed brocollini ($60++). The tender barramundi is grilled with a dash of yuzu. I thought that the mango salsa was a nice touch to the dish and gave a rather refreshing aftertaste.



I was glad that we shared the Pork ribs with sauteed peas, edamame and mash ($55++). If I had ate the whole dish by myself, I have to honestly say it can get a bit jelak. The ribs are glazed with a classic BBQ sauce and was very tender! It was easy peeling it off the bone.

singapore food blog, nadnut


The Gooey chocolate tart with mango sorbet ($14++) was a surprise. Usually most of the chocolate tarts I’ve tried are usually accompanied by vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate tart lives true to it’s name. It’s gooey and extremely decadent. I thought that the mango sorbet helped lightened and refreshed our palate after the sinful tart. Definitely a great pairing of sweet and sour.

singapore food blog, nadnut


Personally I thought that Churros, chocolate sauce and chantilly cream ($14++) was good on it’s own without the sauce accompaninents.

Thanks FoodNews PR and Salt Tapas & Bar for the lovely invite.

Salt Tapas & Bar
#01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Centre
No 252, North Bridge Road,
Singapore 179103
(t) 6837 0995
(f) http://www.facebook.com/SaltTapasAndBar
(w) http://www.salttapas.com

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