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Hitting Week 17 of Renovation

Here are some updates of our renovation for #nadskaihome.

First up:

Let there be light.

Love the light fixtures. Am proud to say that the hubby and I chose the lights (more me while he agrees ????)

The lone cute bulb was bought in Singapore and was the most expensive! (Last min was told by contractor that we got extra area for lights, so we hunted down in Balestier for a light that very night!)

The rest were bought in JB. Cheap cheap!!!!

We used mainly track lights for the house as it was more feasible lol. Love our choices! Interior design by us hahaha.

Our headboard

Our headboard and light but the hubby isn’t too pleased with this. Oops. Still needs more touch ups.

Got hotel feel? Lol. This is one of Skai’s special request so i couldn’t say no ????????????


My customised vanity. All looks good except for the rusty bulbs.

Rest of the house is using track lights!

Solar Film Installation

Solar film installation! Hope this can reduce the west sun heat by a lot!

This is why we (or well Skai) insisted on this unit despite it being west sun facing.

Our tilam is in!

Storage bedframe wooot! Plus fabric headboard. Hate those leather ones. 😡 Love the bed and bed frame from Tilam King, will blog about this soon after bedsheets and all are on!

Sneak peek of my WIW!

So glad that we hacked 2 rooms into 1.

This is my MBR, WIW and Vanity area in 1 huge room! Plus it’s big enough for us to accommodate a King size bed. Heh.

We initially wanted to have a study table too here but decided to put that on hold. Likely will shift #nadskaijunior’s cot/playpen here when the CL leaves and when I’m alone during my ML.

Other cutesy stuff. :p

Looking to fix these two uber cute toilet roll holders haha! Quality not that ideal but way too cute!

I think my bathrooms really way too cutesy haha. Pastel tiles and now this 😡

My shoe cabinet is still not completed 🙁

Hiccups with the shoe cabinet for #nadskaihome. Cracked a tile ????????????

Sigh, because of this, the tile has to be replaced. Cement left to dry and shoe cabinet delay again, to next week now….


Replaced tile. Somehow colour looks a bit off. It’s been a few days. Hope it’ll be completed soon.

Still thankful that the hubby goes down everyday to check out the progress since I pretty much am out of action :/

Another door waiting to be placed up. Same barn door design as my walk in wardrobe. I really love sliding doors! I love how the barn door design i chose coupled with my laminate choice came out. Not rustic like the original design, still quite scandi.

The actual shoe storage place. Door at the side..

Our cute little wheels.

While it may seem extravagant, we paid more to have colour pvc in our carpentry. Reason being white pvc usually discolour fast plus need to upkeep quite a bit. Hate the yellow spots/stains that appear after a while.

Also, we are looking at long term so… We invested more in our renovation and opted for internal colour pvc for everything.

But look how it turned out! Money well spent to us! The other option would have been black pvc (cheaper) but our laminate choice is quite light…

Oh yeah. This will be how my shoe cabinet be like! Except it should be an A and not V. Hahaha.

Need some mirrors for our bathrooms

Common toilet sink and carpentry done.

We gave up HDB’s sinks cos…. Really ugly lah. Plus if we used the original sink, no space for carpentry below!

Now, just need a mirror!

Our MBR toilet sink and carpentry. Again, need mirror hahahaha.

It’s almost the end of the very painful renovation process. I’ll definitely be sharing more updates and more pics! Look out for it soon!

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