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nadnut is stomp-ing your way!

Did you realise there’s something different about the Stomp Starblog pictures?

I’m the newest addition and boy was my first topic a hard nut to crack. LOL.

I never had to write about sex before and here’s my first piece!

For the next 3 months, please join me every Monday at Starblog! There will be a different topic every week and I’ll be sharing my thoughts.

Aside from that, please join me every Wednesday, 9pm -10pm for a chat! Feel free to comment and chat with me at weekly blog post! (For this week, it’s all about sex baby)

Looking forward to chatting with you on Weds! See you soon!

29 thoughts on “nadnut is stomp-ing your way!”

  1. Hey congrats!

    But you do look strange in the photo. Maybe because you are not in black?

    I’ll be reading Star Blog more often now.


  2. woah…hit big time liao. Hehehe
    Now i am the classic opposite of you. CB don’t count coz he drop too many hints so often. 😛


  3. Congrats nad!!

    I’ve been an avid reader of yours. And I think you’re way better than STomp’s ex-star blogger XX. The next thing we know, “Blogger Nadnut enters politics…”. Not unexpected since it has happened in Malaysia. =)


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