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Unexpected Australia Photoshoot

Remember the pics that appeared in the newspaper?

Here’s some pics taken during the photoshoot that day. (yes, I know this is a super belated post. heh)

My first time meeting up with hot mama blogger Angelia Tay!

Group shot! Wah. Stalker Brent is wearing a suit.*whistles*

The winners, djs and organisers from SPH and TA.

After this pic, they wanted more “fun” pics. They then suggested that the djs piggyback the girls while the others will carry Dean. Obviously yours truly was wearing a dress and that was not possible.

So this was the result instead.

Petrina then suggested I took off my dress and they piggyback me. Erm. I don’t wear shorts under my dresses. Do you? Alamak, like that I’ll be teeshirt + undies. Cannot lah!

Struggling with our weights…

Everyone pose!

The best shot of the lot.

I then collected my official winning letter! Woot! Petrina’s daughter is soooo cute! Pretty babe!

Met up with Sara Anne after that. 🙂 All pics courtesy of Angelia. Thanks babe!

My first photoshoot at SPH and it wasn’t my last. 😉 Look out for some exciting news tomorrow!

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