im bloody pissed off. let me tell u a story…

A & B met thru school activities. were close buddies. then thru another school activity, B introed C, his close fren.

these 3 became close frens. ‘a circle of 3’. soon. A & C became closer. and got togeda. but after a while, A felt someting was wrong, they were more like frens.

apparently C felt de same too. they broke off. A tot the 3 of them could remain de same. de circle. A, B & C.

A: hope
B: faith
C: destiny

but C suddenly shut both A & B away from his life. distanced himself away. no more was de marathon sms or de long conference calls.

A & B made an effort to keep in contact, but C just faded away from their eyes.

the circle was no more.
A & B also didnt meet up so much anymore, both were busy with their lives but they still made an effort to call, chat and keep in touch. de way frens do.

A was more stubborn than B. she would icq/tag C. they even met up for lunch once. but when A speaks of B, C would not hear of it.

A doesnt understand why C has to treat them this way, and especially B.

especially now B is going thru some hard times, A icqed C for advice and de hope tat C would at least call/sms/meet up with B.

wat was de advice did C gave?
to get a motivational book.

B needs frens not a fucking book! for christ sake! cant C even make an effort to meet up or wat?

A is me.

im sick of it. we were frens lor. not enemies. must YOU treat us this way?

forget it. i consider myself have lost a fren. it takes 2 hands to clap. u neva bothered to reallie keep in contact after all.

isolate urself.

after all, i onlie lost de good fren i tot i had but infact neva had.

i hope ur happy.

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