just got back home….

been oversleeping these days…

anyway, i managed to eat my crayfish and tenderloin pasta and had yummy icecream! yum. went to watch fireworks with mr kenny chan, colin and chong ah!

what we did today?

eat. fireworks. eat. dessert. kenny’s place for comedies.

we are growing fat.

eat, eat and eat.


anyway a sidenote: went out with one of my salsamates for ‘lunch’ today. a nice lil 19 year old boy. makes me feel like a sugarmummy when i’m out with him. i paid by card and we went to eat at spaggedies.

i dunno. just makes me feel like a sugarmummy. perhaps the fact that he was asking about cards and that i’m finally a working adult. and that he’s going back to school soon.

or perhaps the age gap?

suddenly, i feel old. all these young kids make me feel old.


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