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Sick like a dog. Woof!

Sorry for the lack of entries. Been rather busy with work + school and now I’m sick! (and I have a humongous pimple on my nose. wtf?!) Right before my packed day tomorrow. 🙁

Hang on tight, next episode of The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jenjen should be out soon AND I have a contest coming up for the ladies. Fancy some pretty accessories?

Soon! 🙂

Let me recuperate first. I was sneezing and shivering like mad in the bus earlier and a kind stranger instead of shunning me and moving away from me like 99% of the the other passengers, offered me a packet of tissue! *touched* I doubt she’ll read this: You’ve cheered up my rather gloomy day. Thank you!

Time to eat the horrid meds and concuss away.

See ya! (and take more vit C. I got infected by a fellow colleague. *glares at evurl Jasmine*)

3 thoughts on “Sick like a dog. Woof!”

  1. ur colleague is like me, we spread the virus and share the same name.. Opps.. Get well soon…


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