Epic week.

Am uploading my Japan pics as of this moment. Taking eons to upload them. It has been 30 mins and it has only uploaded 2% of the FIRST sd card. alamak.

It has an epic week! First… I chopped off my hair. Like drastic cut man! Totally regretting my decision. MILLY’S I NEED YOU. Am trying to ren from getting extensions done first, am hoping that my hair will “settle down” soon. You know how you take like a week or two to settle into a haircut? I’m hoping this will work for me.

Second was… I went for the GE10k run without training. The only training I did was a 2km run and 4km run back in September. Am pretty proud of myself for finishing it without any thoughts of dropping out. Timing was pretty sucky though. I did it within 1hr 26 mins blah blah seconds.

Aiming for a way better timing next year! Any more runs coming up? Jio me go! I wanna go!

And last but not least.. I passed my BTT! I failed it the first time and was so damn disappointed. Blame myself for being an el cheapo for not getting the ten year series. After getting it, I passed! Booked my FTT date and bought the ten year series book this time!

Am so ready to learn driving! I’m being pressured to learning manual by the ching chong one. Tsk. Probably going for private. Do intro your instructors to me! Less ching chong please. 😉

Here’s my extremely epic weekend. Things I did that I never thought I would. More updates soon! Soyjoy+Japan, convocation, pics of GE run, ugly haircut, Xsquad, etc etc!

I need more timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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