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How to have a slimmer face without paying a single cent!

This is a Womanly Wednesdays – Beauty and hiaoness entry under my themed blogposts! For more info about this Singapore Lifestyle Blog themed posts, do read the entry here.

Ever taken pictures and hate how fat your face looks like? Have you ever used a thousand and one beauty products and have yet to take a nice picture?



The two easy tricks are….

1. FIND YOUR ANGLE. Some people do not look good in profile shots (beside side profile) while some do not look good full frontal. If you are a constant reader of my blog, you would have probably realised that I hardly take pictures full frontal. Reason being, it is NOT a flattering angle for me.

The second trick is…

2. PRACTICE YOUR SMILE. As you can see in the picture above, smiling with teeth obviously made my face look sharper. My jawline looks more obvious too!

These tricks do not cost you a single cent and all it takes is your time! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Womanly Wednesday post! Technically this entry could also fit in the Tips on Tuesdays posts. LOL.

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