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Girls talk back!

I have this blogger friend Mooiness who is really cool. I love the way he writes and he’s damn funny in person. The only problem is… sometimes I feel like smacking him when he disses girls. I guess I understand where he’s coming from but hey! do listen to our point of view. (Seriously, I wish that a fantastic lady would make him happy one day. No more chicken pie for dear old Moo!)

1. Sometimes we REALLY do not know when a guy is interested in us. Here’s a true story. I have always gotten along better with us, infact my first best friend was a guy and I usually hang out with guys more often than with girls.

Back in Poly, I had a few close guy friends and we hung out quite often. We then drifted apart after graduation and I met up with one of them after a while. I never knew he had liked me since day 1. I had a few such situations. Trust me, I was blissfully unaware. There were no hints, no signs, nothing.

Guys, if you really like us and want to chase us, tell us to our face. Just because we go out with you guys for movies or meals alone doesn’t equate to knowing and acknowledging your “like” and crushes on us. Some of us really enjoy just hanging out as friends. I used to go out every week with my best friend mrkennychan for makan and movies till the bugger went to study in Australia. Bah. There’s such a thing as being just friends you know?

2. If ever a case where you tell us that you like us and we tell you we’re not ready, back off. Personally for me, if I’m not interested in someone, I’ll tell it as it is: “I like you as a friend and nothing more.” If I say I’m not ready for a relationship, it means I’m not ready for a relationship with you. If I wanted time to think and actually am considering you, I’ll say “Give me time.” Simple isn’t it? It’s not our fault if you decide to keep chasing us when we made it clear that we are not interested.

3. Ok, this is contradicting point 2. 😛 Persistence does work sometimes. Tiger is one such case. We were friends and I never thought I’ll date a nerd like him (*cough*) and I thought we were just friends. One day… he suddenly did something un-friendly and started asking me to consider getting together. I said no. He tried again. I said no again. He tried again. I said no no no again and he tried again. Finally I decided to give it a shot, (he was like an irritating salesman, he wouldn’t take no for an answer! And I slowly developed feelings for that irritating fly.) and I finally succumbed to Nerd-dom. 4.5 years and counting together. WHY?! WHY DID I SAY YES?! 😛

So yeah, that’s MY point of view. A few more entries coming soon. (probably after the exams though.)

7 thoughts on “Girls talk back!”

  1. Har? I got diss women meh?! But nvm, cos I’d welcome the spanking. Wahahah!

    In any case, I’m more trying to clue in clueless men rather than dissing women. You know I love youse all right??? :mrgreen:

    As for the persistence thing, ok … it may work once in a blue moon. But you gotta admit, it was quite annoying before you accepted him right? 😉


  2. tiger: -_-”

    mooiness: awwwww. you know i love you too right? 😉 when are you coming down to sg? i wanna spank you! (and yes, it was damn annoying when he was asking me nonstop!)

    chris lee: LOL! *whacks him* I SAID NO! 😛


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