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Things You Do Not Want For Christmas

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It’s that dreaded time of the year again. Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I just hate decorating shit, wrapping presents and buying presents. Sometimes buying presents can be a chore, especially if it’s hard buying things for each other.

Honestly, I prefer not buying presents for Christmas. Like for Skai aka c(hubby) and I. We hardly buy presents with each other. If we do, it’s usually bought in presence of each other.

Isn’t buying presents for Christmas like exchanging gifts for each other? Why not just concentrate on buying presents for birthdays?

BFF and I usually just buy presents for each other (for Christmas only) by asking each other to choose a present and we’ll just purchase it! For Fidel’s birthday, I brought her to Sephora and ask her to just pick something.

Okay, I’m the Christmas (present) grinch. :p I don’t mind buying presents for people who I know what they want. If not, it’s so hard!

Anyway, here are just some presents I really dislike receiving. Well, I dunno about you but I feel that these are also presents that most people would rather not receive. Don’t mind, perhaps. But rather not. I could be wrong though!

1. Photo frames.

Who gives photo frames these days? And why? They just smell of ‘recycled presents’.

2. Shower gel gift set.

Unless it’s an interesting flavour that you know I’ll like, it would just be ‘Oh it’s an easy present’. I did buy a Philosophy Shower Gel set for Esther for her birthday though! But it was a birthday themed present and I know Esther likes pretty packaging!

3. Weird ornaments.

Probably would look more like souvenirs. Some weird chopstick set? It’ll just be clutter.

4. Stuffed toys.

Unless you are below 15 years old.

5. Coupons.

WHY? Seriously just give me chocolates instead!

6. Apparel.

Unless you know what the person wants, it might not fit. Then it’ll be troublesome to get it exchanged.

Here are some tips on giving better gifts.

a) Ask.

Find out what the person wants.

b) Vouchers.

Sephora vouchers, Taka vouchers works well. Let the person choose what they’ll like.

c) Food.

Let’s be honest here, sometimes it’s basically just a small token for Christmas. One gives because, it’s the thing to do. A little chocolate or snack would be easy. While boring, you can hardly go wrong here. Unless that person has a nut allergy or something.

Okay fine. Call me the Christmas presents grinch. I know I am. Why not, let’s skip the presents and just have a good meal together? My colleague was saying I’m in a Grumpy Cat mood. LOL


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