Relationships. It’s so hard to stay faithful.

I met my first love back in 2004. He wowed me with his good looks, I asked around and I heard nothing bad about him ‘cept that he had a bit of an extravagant lifestyle.

My first love: Sony W1. Pic taken from Steve’s Digicams.

We were in love. I couldn’t help but be with him everyday, touching him and all. Everyone was envious of him, they found him sleek, sexy and he takes the best pictures. All of my friends wanted a piece of him and I was really proud of him.

Unfortunately after 2 years with him, I was feeling unsatisfied. I kept comparing him with others and I couldn’t help but think that he looked rather thick in the waist. I started looking at others then. I would look at my friends’ relationships and compare. He didn’t seem that smart after a while and he was getting a bit old fashioned.

I wanted out of the relationship but my mum disapproved. She found him reliable and she felt I had wasted a lot of money being with him and she wanted me to stick with him. During my 21st birthday party, he had a bad fall, it was really my fault. I was clumsy as usual and he took the fall instead.

I really really felt guilty. He had such a big permanent scar on his face and he started behaving weirdly after that. Whenever I asked him to do something, he would never listen and started getting temperamental with me.

I couldn’t take it. I started keeping my options open. I looked around and I saw him.

The current boyfriend: The lovely Sony T10.

He was so fashionable, metrosexual even. He looked so fetching in pink. It was love at first sight. Like my first love, I brought him everywhere. Till this date, I’m still with him. Most bloggers who have met him, liked him too. Taqinah, Esther, Jessica and Fidelis all have proclaimed that if ever a day that I would part with him, they would want to have a go at him. I’ve never been so happy before. Like my first love, he takes the best pictures. I looked so flattering in all of them. After all pictures taken with love would be beautiful won’t they?

At times, I did feel like straying. Not that I wanted to leave him but then I wanted to date someone else too. The best of both worlds! I felt horrid but almost everyone else is doing it! Claudia even three-timed hers!

I never felt like “upgrading” him till… I went to this event at the White Rabbit where I met 3 hot delicious models.

Currently lusting over the Sony T500, T77 and T700.

Lookswise, I was in love with the model on the extreme right. He has such a delicious chocolately colour and he felt just right in my hands and the fact that he has 4gb of internal memory but if I were thinking with my brain instead, I would go with the one on the extreme left.

I love the fact that he could take pictures while taking videos. I could go crazy with doing vodcasts on that! Suddenly my charming knight in Pink does not look so charming after all.  He doesn’t even have touch screen or the snazzy smile detection mode! And I felt so ashamed at lugging such an old model then. :/

I think every 2 years, I have this damn feeling of upgrading and I’ve always been a Sony (point and shoot camera) fangurl. I don’t know! Afterall my current is working fine, there isn’t any reason to upgrade right? But I’m also lusting over a DSLR. Argh. RESIST!

Oh be still my beating heart!

11 thoughts on “Relationships. It’s so hard to stay faithful.”

  1. heh my opinion babe? get a DSLR if you really want. Your current cam is a good one. I have a much older model than you, DSC-W7 and its getting a little wonky after 3-ish years already, but I invested in a D80 instead of another digi cam. Gives you the option of different cams..

    So I think look around at DSLR.. D90 is out, looking really good. Wish I got that though.. =)

    ps: And don’t worry about the ‘want’ to change every few years, everyone’s the same! xoxo


  2. karin: hey babe! how are you? I’m considering getting a dslr but everyone has been telling me that a p&s is better as the dslr would be heavy to lug around. :/


  3. heh well, it depends on what you want it for. I want to try photography when im finally done with uni and nikon had this package deal for D80 earlier this year. So I got it.

    It’s pretty much a personal choice. Like you, I can see you bring your camera out very often. Esp. to events and nights out. and you dress pretty too. So in your case maybe not a DSLR. For now. Till you are really sure you want a DSLR then can go shopping for one.

    I’m ok. Stressed out la. Hahaha.. but will be graduating year end and will be back home in Jan! Woohoo! I miss you and reading your blog makes me smile every now and then!


  4. *cough cough* I’m not three timing anyone hor! I just cannot resists all the latest cameras! I’ve got like 4 lying around in my room now! But I want more! Wahahahaha! I’m camera and mobile siao!


  5. karin: yeah… i guess i’ll play with a dslr (hopefully can borrow’s a friend) for a few weeks and by then i’ll know if i’m ready for one. i’ll be done with my studies by year end too! (provided i pass everything!). can’t wait to meet up with you!!

    claudia: o.O an orgy?!


  6. Hey, the way you wrote this article is so intrersting… keke. Okay that’s not the main point I want to say.

    Hmm, I wouldn’t picture you in a DSLR though, not a glamously looking nadnut holding on a gigantic camera that only came in black color.

    Sometimes I wished my cam abit slower even though it is not a DSLR yet. Small is still beautiful


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