do you listen or do you hear?

most of the times i feel that most people hear but do not listen. tiger is a very good case. sometimes i yabber (ok, my fault on this) about things happening to me, things i’m gonna do and so on. and a few minutes later, he wouldnt remember what i’ve said and it’s damn fucking annoying! he doesn’t listen!

how many of us actually do listen instead of hearing? sometimes all we want is for you to listen to us.

like mooiness has pointed out, sometimes we just want you to listen to what we say, we may just need to rant, bitch and just get a load off our chest. at times, we just want you to listen and agree with us, we don’t even need you to give us solutions to our problems, contrary to popular belief, most women are NOT always damsels in distress.

it’s really no use if you’re just hearing and not listening, and it really sucks and angers us when we have to repeat what we’ve just said. just LISTEN and remember what we’ve just said.

ok? do you comprehend? or do i have to repeat it once again?

7 thoughts on “do you listen or do you hear?”

  1. yesssssss!! OMG that’s like a pet peeve of mine!!!!! *explodes* ahahahaha.

    the listening bit, and also the just HAVING to provide me with a solution bit. i actually get even more annoyed when pple trying to give me advice when i didnt ask for it. ahahaha


  2. yt: thank you! men these days are horrible! tsk!

    jojo;: yeah! i hate it too. can’t stand it when they give me some smart aleck answer. brrrr. this is why i rather not talk about my problems sometimes.

    astrorainfall: selective memory right?

    Marc: tsk tsk!!


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