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Difference between expecting #1 and #2

As some of you guys know, I’m currently pregnant with my second kid which is a girl. Friends have been asking me if there are any differences between expecting a boy and a girl so I thought I should blog this out!

To make this more fun, I will share a common myth and will indicate if it’s true for me or false!

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Common myth #1

If you are pregnant with a girl, you will tend to break out as “girls steal your beauty”. If you are pregnant with a boy, your skin will be glowing.


Both pregnancies, I didn’t break out nor did my skin “glow”. I have dull skin and hardly have any pimples and acne. Both skin conditions were exactly the same.

Common myth #2

If you are pregnant with a boy, you will tend to crave for more salty/meaty items. If you are pregnant with a girl, you will crave for sweet desserts.


I do have cravings but they are quite minimal compared to the other mamas I know. Both pregnancies I crave mainly more for sweet items. Awfully chocolate ice-cream remains a consistent craving.

Common myth #3

If you are pregnant with a girl, you will tend to get morning sickness.


I hardly had any morning sickness with Aidan but with Davina, I had it very very very bad.

Common myth #4

If you are pregnant with a boy, your tummy will be sharp. If you are pregnant with a girl, it will be round.


In early stages, both times, the tummy looked the same. But as I hit my third trimester, it was really significant on how the difference in shape! Aidan was super sharp! While Davina is round like an egg!

Common myth #5

If you get migraines/headaches, you are likely to be carrying a boy.


While I did not have much morning sickness when I was pregnant with Aidan, I had very severe migraines. With Davina, I didn’t get any migraines but I had severe morning sickness.

These are just 5 of the myths that I will be sharing! Also, just to share some other updates about my pregnancy.

  1. I suffered from cervical polyps with Aidan.
    • I had 3 huge ones during my pregnancy. Gynae said, it’s due to too much estrogen. Was bleeding throughout my second and third trimester.
  2. Davina was breech for a period of time.
    • She was breech for a good 6 weeks at least while Aidan had no such issues.
  3. Both times, I kena preterm contractions.
  4. Both times, I am diagnosed with low placenta.
    • With Davina, my placenta is even lower than with Aidan..
  5. With Aidan, I had a huge blood clot.
    • Until now, I still do not know if it was the bloody show. It looked like it though!
  6. Both times, I kena gestational diabetes.

And now… we count down to Davina’s arrival. Here’s praying for a safe delivery! Fingers crossed!

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