backstabbed by an asshole!

i am so angry!

i have been backstabbed! friends have been coming to me telling me that ell**tt has been going around telling people (MANY MUTUAL FRIENDS) that i have been an ungrateful bitch to him.


what happened was this ell**tt came to me a few months ago asking me if i could help him get a certain position in my company. firstly, i cant pull strings for anyone and i know nuts about that position.

i checked out with my boss and she told me that he would have to write in to HR.

and i told ell**tt to write in to HR. i know nothing about the position, there is no listing whatsoever and previously when he expressed interest in the particular area, i went to ask my boss and when he asked me that a few days later, i told him what i knew : which was to write in to HR.

if it was a small company and if i knew the HR personnel personally, i could perhaps highly recommend him but its in a diff scenario now. HR won’t entertain any such recommendations. all such requests would have to go thru group HR and after that goes to my side HR.

so ell**tt said nothing much and we didnt correspond for a few months. afterall we were never super close friends. just worked together in the same club, he being the president and me being the vice president. (those who know me personally would know who the backstabber is.)

so a few months later, i saw his msn nick. saw that his now working with my competitor which was still a good thing cause he has always wanted to enter this industry. i was sincerely and seriously happy for him and congratulated him via msn. he didnt show any signs of “displeasure” from me not being able to help him more from last time.

the worst backstabbers are those who act all so pally with you. -_-”

a few days ago, i met some mutual friends and heard what he has been ranting/bitching about me.

apparently, i did not even bother to help him cause im so selfish and didnt want him to enter my company and i was such an ungrateful bitch for he has helped me out soooooooooo many times.

firstly he has not helped me out sooooooooo many times. infact, not even a single fucking time. i would deem it as a duty for him to advise me as i was a new vp and he being a senior in the club would have more experience. me myself has advised him many times and helped him but i dont consider that as he owing me. i consider that as my duty to help out a friend.

secondly i told him what i knew/found out.

he told many many many people. i want to confront him but i promised those who told me not to reveal their names. ARGH. but i am gonna confront him when i see him online again. i’m not someone who will take this lying down. he is ruining my reputation this way. those who are mutual friends of us, please do not believe such lies of his. and let me know if he has been telling u such lies about me.

such an asshole. to think i once held respect for him. i am so disappointed in him.

who needs enemies when you have “friends” like that?

update: apparently he denies saying such stuff. knowing him, he has a tendency to rant about people. whatever man. i’m thru with having such “friends” like him.


  1. What a bastard. And I thought only girls go round doing this kinda backstabbing. Come, let me give him a few punches for you.

    *punch that irritating basket-y ell**tt till he pukes blood*

    *punch that assholey backstabber till his 2 front teeth kena knocked out*

    *punch him till he kena bruised all over such that he has no face to turn up at work, and can only tell his colleagues that he kena beaten up for being a backstabber*

    and finally,

    *poke him in the eye with my razor sharp nails*

    nadnut: lol! thanks babe!


  2. Alamak, take it picture tar up here big big.

    Then hor, get it tomorrowed and cowboyed. After that, get it on $traits Time$ and $unday Time$.

    See mrbrown want to help you or not, go ChannelNewsAsia also…. 😛

    nadnut: lol. instant publicity for him? thats probably what he wants.


  3. Gal, forget about bastards like him.. he think he is so good.. wait he kanna kicked out by his company soon.. and that’s his retribution..

    nadnut: aye. karma


  4. This guy is one sore loser.At first,when I havn’t finish reading.I thought it might be a misunderstanding between you 2.Later as I read further,I discover that you 2 are not close friends, and he claimed to help you many times when he hasn’t.

    nadnut: yes he is..


  5. m sure ppl will look at the truth n not hearsays…
    rumours r rumours.
    fear not wat others say about u till they find out the truth about U

    i haf met ppl who is more bas-tart-er than ur fren. my back stabber is also a guy.. hmm…
    luckily my frenz stood by the TRUTH n me (eventually).

    nadnut: the sad thing is some not close friends would listen to him. and my reputation is now smeared by him.


  6. Poor gal. I had been in a same situation as you before. Somemore it is someone i considered as my best girlfriend. But not as bad as yours. Anyway, do becareful of this kind of asshole ppl. They are 2 “headed” creature!! Can be kind in front of you, but will never know what she/he do behind ur back. what a DISGUSTING friend!! i felt like puking now.

    nadnut: yes, he will get his retribution.


  7. by the way, will he get to read your blog? if it is then this message is for him:


    nadnut: i dont think he does.


  8. what an asshole. but if ur friends are indeed friends of yours, they will choose to just brush him off.

    nadnut: the thing is… word is just spreading…