hmmmm. com will be off for a while. dear helping me format de damn com. so till its back, i cant blog about how work is or go on msn to play solitare showdown with u guys.

*super poutz*

anyway, pics from me and dear’s couple shoot are out.

sharing some with u guys. no photoshop done at all.

*till i get photoshop*. hehehehe.

so embarrassing for tis one. had to wait for ppl to clear de escalator (or travelator) so tat we can take tis few pics. lol.

there were more pics… but onlie show a few.

the last pic is my personal favourite. de photographer neva told us to pose tis way. he did it spontaneously. i was surprised! (and delighted!!!)

tats abt it! hee. till my com gets back. die die. now 1.15am and im not asleep yet.

die lah. *muz not oversleep on first day of work*

take care!

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