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#nadskaihome: Researching on an interior design style

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I realised that I have never blogged much about my upcoming BTO.

Background info:

C(hubby) and I applied for our BTO in 2011 and we’ve gotten a good queue number for this particular project which is located at Punggol, near the waterway.

We’ve waited since then and it’s expected to arrive in Q3 this year. This would make it a full 4 years wait!

Our place is a premium BTO which meant that floorings are included. To be honest, c(hubby) and I haven’t done much research for our place. Definitely not as hardcore as some of our future neighbours! That being said, we also had to plan our ROM, Banquet and Honeymoon within the 4 years. And we’re just slow. HAHAHAH.

So far, these were the places we sought for information when deciding on an interior design style.

1. Friends

My BFF recently got her keys and she’s extremely knowledgable. She was extremely helpful and shared with us information on different styles and even pictures of nice designs! So much love! <3

Christine, my ex-colleague who is currently renovating her place also shared many tips!

Aside from that, I sought for information from a Contractor friend, even went through the various home decor magazines he shared and also looked at his place. I also visited a fellow blogger’s open house at her place! Am really appreciative of all the kind folks who helped to share as much information as possible.

2. Pinterest

I love Pinterest! Previously created a mood board for my wedding (which BTB doesn’t do so?) and decided to create a mood board for the upcoming home. 

Great place to find inspirations!

3. Home Decor Websites

Renotalk was one of the places that I stalked for a while. I regularly check out T-Blog where graduated home owners shared their experiences about their renovation.

Houzz and Qanvast were also two of my most visited sites. I also followed the Facebook pages by many Interior Design firms in Singapore and overseas.

4. Interesting cafes

All along, when we first gotten our queue number in 2011, we liked the cafe feel. We (well, I) had kinda decided that I wanted a brick wall. C(hubby) isn’t so sold by it as he feels that cleaning will be a b*tch.

But we’ve been visiting cafes together and been taking note of various design elements. Lots of lovely designer cafes these days!

There were the main places we sought for info and inspirations in deciding our interior design style.

Have we decided on one? Well, kinda. We’ll like to go for a hybrid of Modern, Scandinavian and Industrial.

We do have 6 months to play with so we might change our minds. We are also starting to source for quotes. Should you have any recommendations, please comment!

Should you’ll like to collaborate, we’ll be more than happy! 😉

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