if you’re wondering why there is a drought (to me lah!) of entries and just posting things forwarded to me, you thought right.

am currently stuck with a damn deadline and brought back paperwork. so after 15 may, i can finally breathe… i think.


– am busy with sex and the city season 2 – 5. conquered season 1 at jen’s place and am on season 2 and of course tackling my paperwork

– FINALLY received my xmas present from mrkennychan. did i mention it was a XMAS present?

– watched ‘find me guilty’ and ‘bewitching attraction’ with the same fella. DONT WATCH BEWITCHING ATTRACTION! *pui*

– someone asked my cat for a ons. haahahahhaa 😉

– been eating great food these days, have lotsa pics but no motivation to blog/photoshop. and yes, gaining weight.

– bah. stop tagging me for quizzes, tests and memes. IF i wanna do, ill do it at my own pace. dont rush dont rush.

– and when i go overseas (which is soon), no souveniors for all! muahahahaahaa. sorry la. budget travel. 😛 ill take nice pictures for u guys instead. 😛

– and i heart akk for the delicious belated birthday dinner. 😉 fat juicy steak with great company. one of the best presents ever!

4 thoughts on “bleah.”

  1. Oops… I think only probably guys would find Bewitching Attraction good huh? Haha.

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah! 


  2. i read it as busy with sex



    forgot to read the complete sentence

    nadnut: selective reading! 


  3. maybe you could ‘accidentally’ drop the paperwork into the bin where they burn incense, and then ‘accidentally’ drop a lighted match in there as well.


    nadnut: then my salary will be ‘accidentally’ be delayed.. hahaa


  4. anytime, gal anytime!!! let’s wait till ur binging in the buffet finish liao, then we can go have another round???

    conrad buffet this time!!! how? ONZ??!

    yea! I know u are. 🙂 hahahaha…..relac ur tummy first hor, u are no use to me if u cannot eat like pregnant lady, muahahaha…..

    nadnut: ONZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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