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that thing about being a glutton…

my current greatest sin would be gluttony. i have been eating and eating and eating. and yes, packing the pounds. argh.

very short post. more of a picture blog for the day. don’t get hungry yeah? 😉

first up. sinful dinner @ billy bombers with thebeanmaster. extremely sinful. so much that we couldnt really walk after dinner. i love billy bombers. cheese fries with bacon and huge burgers and heavenly milkshakes. thick creamy and shiok! damn, im feeling hungry just thinking about them.

billy sinful bombers

next up, my very own herbed fish and chips! i love to prepare this because this is extremely easy to make!

nadnut's fish and chips!

as some of you guys know, i have been on a quest to find some “exotic but safe” places to eat so i dragged some peeps to go find them with me.

first up was with some of the barflies, namely serendipity, mandrake, missy and kingmeng. months ago, i went to this arabian place called el-sheikh for an arabian buffet and some sheesha. this time, we decided to visit the neighbour! al-amanah or something like that. we had lamb rolls, kebabs and some dip. yum! something different. 😉 and the great company, you should listen to the topics discussed! *cough*

next up, thebeanmaster brought me cafe iguana for some mexican food! i miss taco bell!!!! reminded me of the time makanguru brought umb and me to margaritas! *drools* delish! price was quite reasonable too! anyone wana go there? i wanna head down again!

cafe iguana

last and DEFINITELY not least, was the ABSOLUTELY delish belated birthday dinner treat by akk! she brought me to have steak (!!!!!) at stuart anderson, black angus. at first when she msged me, i thought stuart anderson was some icecream. *blush* i tot it was anderson icecream. LOL! we both had the HUGE salad. extremely big portion of salad that we couldnt finish them. and i had the sirloin + prawns while akk had the surf & turf. yum yum yum yum yum x infinity. extremely happy me! thanks akk again! MUACKZ!

the BIG salad!

steak with prawns and delish mashed potatoes!

surf and turf!

and today, i went to sakae sushi and devoured like 12 plates by myself. *pats tummy*. the two of us (my tummy and i) would need to recuperate. BUT we still have one more makan place to conquer. and its a buffet! *grins*.

hope you didnt get hungry looking at the food pictures. 😉

13 thoughts on “that thing about being a glutton…”

  1. FYI, the surf and turf not so nice. Turf was good, the surf was stringy and tough….

    nadnut: heh. my surf was yummy! 


  2. my current greatest sin would be gluttony.

    hell yeah. tell me abt it. *rolls eyes*

    nadnut: hahaahaha. you would know better! 


  3. I am so sickeningly jealous! Why can’t I enjoy such food and stay as slim at the same time????

    nadnut: i am not slim at all! 


  4. You could always try this diet Plan:

    “Eat anything you Want……Just dun Swallow.”

    lol looks like u’re enjoying and practising the “I live to Eat” Syndrome.

    nadnut: eat and puke it out? lol. 


  5. wow… heaps and heaps of food. 0.0

    never ate at billy bombers before. must go there one day and have dinner to see if it’s really that good. :p

    nadnut: sure! do try out the cheesefries! 


  6. i was wondering why my nickname was up there…haha. just a coincidence!!

    the food looks disturbingly yummy! you’re making me drool though i already had my dinner!

    Black Angus seems to be really nice, I heard good comments about it. Will probably try it sumday!!

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah! go try them. yum! a tad pricey though. 


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