Things to do when you’ve spent all your money and you’re on holiday.

No more $? And you still have to pay for a meal still?

Here’s some ideas!

  1. Stick with the boss, let him pay for the meal.
  2. Stick with the boss, act blur when the bill comes, act really slow when pulling out your wallet.
  3. Buy cup noodles which costs 16 baht and eat them for dinner.
  4. Eat the souvenirs (snacks la) that you’ve bought for your family/colleagues/friends.
  5. Eat 5 rounds during the buffet breakfast and skip dinner and THEN eat more during the plane ride.
  6. Borrow money
  7. Change more money.

And if everything else fails, eat air! LOL. Will be back tomorrow! Now, excuse me while I eat my cup noodles for dinner! 🙂