that thing about saving a life…

how many times have you had problems and had wished for a way for things to be better, for someone to help and make it better? i believe, plenty.

imagine the problem magnified a thousand times. imagine how you’ll feel?

the chinese (i think) has this saying (forgive me if im wrong): 救人一命;胜造七级佛徒 : saving a life is better than building a 7 storey pagoda. (chinese text kindly written by jesuafreak)

when jaypa told me about this, my heart really went out to poor chrissy. this is not a hoax, mind you!

if you can, please head down this sunday for a little blood test. a little help goes a loooong way. for more details, please click here.

thanks. really appreciate it. please do spread the word around.

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