lil sesame.

saw it this morning. the cleaner was kicking it away. i got so angry and told the cleaner off. placed the kitty elsewhere safe from being abused.

while at work, started looking for someone to adopt. as mentioned before, my 2 big cats will not take to stray cats (tried before) and as my oldest cat is already 17 years old, i would like to spend more time focused on her.

picked up the kitty after work. its soooo tiny! i dont know why but the first thing i tot of was sesame when i looked at it. the 2 cats hated it. kept growling at it. 🙁 sigh, i had this little glimmer of hope that they’ll be ok with it but as expected, they’re very hostile.

the kitty is damn cute. its soooo small.

as small as my feet.

its very obedient, kept running after everyone and snuggled up against our cheeks and necks and slept. i tried looking for its mummy but couldnt find it.

thankfully a colleague managed to find a friend willing to adopt it. seriously if it was left alone, it wont survive. its too tiny and the damn chinese cleaner was hitting it and kicking it. i really should have reported him but my only thought was to get the kitty to safety.

i’ll be passing lil sesame tomorrow before work. 🙁 its soooo cute! i miss having a kitty around. 🙁 i’m thankful that there are those willing to adopt it fast. it deserves a good home. 🙂

ignore the ugly pimply face. last pic with the adorable kitty and if i see that idiotic cleaner tomorrow, he’s gonna pay! i’m gonna report him. asshole.

lil sesame is now cuddling with my dad. so cute. my heart is melting already. 🙂

8 thoughts on “lil sesame.”

  1. mai la..the poor cleaner is only doign his job..coz if the supervisor find cat shit anywhere in his area, he will get his pay deducted one lor

    nadnut: he could have just placed it away instead of kicking it and using his broom/brush to shove it away. that is cruelty and not doing his job.


  2. Arw!! So cute!! Blue eyes! =)

    But urm, the 1st and 3rd pic looked like you were trying to strangle it… esp the 1st one. LOL!!


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