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I miss those days. Rushing for theory classes and pool sessions.

Some pictures taken a few weeks ago.

Met up with David for dinner at Sakae Sushi.

Look at the amount of food we ordered! I feel that my taste buds have changed really a lot. I used to never take salmon sushi or chawanmushi or even cha soba but now i can’t enough of it!

And I really enjoy the small plates as I always prefer variety. The more dishes the merrier!

And after dinner, I met Fidel to rush off to pool session. We always had to cab as the school is up on a hill and is a tad inconvenient to travel for us!

I know I’m supposed to blog about my diving trip soon. Oops! Shall wait till I get my card in my hand first! Am itching for leisure and advanced open water dives soon.

Anyone here dives too?

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