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Baby Aidan is now 8 months old!


Oh my. Time has passed way too fast! Aidan is now 8 months old!


Here are some updates and milestones that Aidan has gone thru!

  • Aidan has went for his first swim trial! He seems pretty indifferent to the whole experience. Not scared nor was he excited. LOL. I should totally blog about his previous Babyspa experiences soon!
  • Aidan can stand assisted easily now. He is also very comfortable sitting up.
  • Feeding isn’t easy for him though. We are currently practicing baby led weaning but he doesn’t take much food.
  • He is very sticky to us now. Whenever we walk away, he cries badly. Also, when we put him in his cot (we now try not to co-sleep since he is able to flip easily. I MISS CO-SLEEPING!), he wails!
  • He still has eczema, especially on his left cheek. Tried numerous creams and met PDs before too. Nothing seems to work.
  • He is teething, we see the slightest hint of his bottom two teeth. He also tends to bite everything now.
  • He is still an exclusively breastfed baby. My supply is dropping but I’m trying my best to keep it going. Thank god I squirrelled a considerable stash of milk away like a little squirrel going for winter.
  • Maybe because he is teething, he tends to latch a lot. Our little fella is very domineering now, he pushes me down and climbs on top of me to latch. LOL.
  • He shares the sweetest smiles when we come back to him. <3
  • Currently he has started babbling, in an attempt to talk. He says ababababa and dada now.


Happy 8 months old my love. Every day with you is a blessing.


We’ll be planning for Aidan’s 1 year birthday celebration soon. Do feel free to share tips and vendor recommendations! And if you’ll like to collaborate, do contact me here!

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