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A is now five months old!


A is now #5monthsold!

He is still exclusively breastfed and i hope to hit my personal milestone of 6 months! Looks very achievable!

He has conquered tummy-time and flipping easily. Now he constantly flips over on his tummy to look at us.


He is still extremely cheerful and usually will flash a grin though at times he would respond shyly. We think he’s more aware of his surroundings now.

He has discovered that he can grab things easily and is always constantly tugging my hair and clothes.


He loves to be carried upright and would immediately quieten down once carried.

He is still a night owl. He is still active at night and very sleepy and drowsy in the morning. Unfortunately he has yet to sleep through the night.

We suspect that he is starting to teeth now as he has started to (gummily) chew on the sides of his pacifier and started to be cranky at night.


With each monthly milestone, it means that it’s time for another jab. He’ll be going for another vaccination this week. My poor boy!

In a blink of an eye, 5 months have passed. ??? way too fast! I’m trying my best to treasure this time as much as i can.


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