attention all bsc related peeps!

me and my boi are arranging a pot luck party on de 27th july (tuesday), sorry has to be a weekday. address will be posted up soon!

its at changi. big place. got 3 bedrooms. (one bedroom booked!)

anyone bsc related as in tis year, last year, got participated and helped out can come!

peeps who wanna overnite feel free too! then next day go school/work.

as its a potluck party, i need those going to contribute. seriously. if no items, im sorry me fren u juz have to walk to de nearest 7-11 and get some stuff.

and de place is quite ulu so i would advice u guys to meet up. juz a party b4 everyone splits up.

things needed for potluck would be:

filling food like : beehoon, fried rice, mee goreng, etc..

meat stuffies: chicken wing, hotdog, whole chicken, etc

drinks: fruit punch, ice, soft drinks, liqour, etc

side dishes: salad, curry puffs, jelly, chips, etc

and bring along cards, mahjong. 🙂

anyone interested?

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