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It feels so good when it hurts.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of money on a gym membership. Not really a good move to make especially now that times are bad but I’ve always deliberated over one and decided to just do so.

I haven’t exercised in years and am terribly unfit right now. Not only have I gained a few kgs throughout these few years, I have lotsa flab and am sorely lacking in muscles.

I have also kept falling sick. Remember my ex boss in the big red umbrella? The one advice he gave me that I took was this. I kept falling sick then and he had adviced me to go exercise.

And so, I have signed up for a membership. Not only am I gonna make use of the machines, I am gonna enjoy the classes.

It’s my second week at the gym and I have tried 4 different exercise classes. Really fun! Just that I’m feeling really pathetic at the dance classes. I have 2 left feet!

My muscles are aching like mad and I have a fierce physical trainer. More about him another time.

But I love it. It feels so good when it hurts. I guess, this is my new obsession. Only bad thing is being spotted at the gym sweating like mad without a single bit of makeup on and struggling to keep up with the dance steps.

Super unglam.


And oh btw, please remember to stretch properly before exercising. Yours truly was too enthusiastic and had conveniently forgotten that my muscles have not been used in 3 years and now…

I injured my butt and my calves. -_-”

Hurhur. My physical trainer is gonna say I’m pathetic again. (He must be the devil or something. Every time he calls me, I’m always eating something sinful. -_- it’s almost as if he’s spotchecking on me. doh!)

Anyway, any tips on exercising? How’s your workout plan like? Let me know! Thanks!

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  1. the tip is to keep yourself motivate throughout the whole period! I definitely regret the last time i sign up for a gym membership. Think i was active only for 3 months of the 2 year membership. 🙁


  2. Cardio exercises burns fat! The physical instructor in camp said that an average human body only starts to burn the fats off after 45 mins of cardio! I think it works but it takes a whole lot of determination! 🙂


  3. i got a thing for running but can’t run outdoors for the past 2 years due to some medical reason so i do the treadmill in e gym. feels really good when i hit the 5km mark and is perspiring like crazy ^_^ whee!


  4. I think there’s a place opp. ParkwayParade called CURVE . The machines there are very user-friendly and not very
    strenuous but helps you tone up your body !


  5. You don’t have 2 left feet lah! U keep up quite well! Just that you’re still new.. you’ll catch up in no time and eventually.. come to my class too!


  6. u will get better at dance don’t worry. i always think that dance is so much more enjoyable to exercise than stupid treadmills (oops). hahaha

    enjoy ur classes babe!! 🙂


  7. annant: I’m super bad at watching my diet. 🙁

    weekee: oh my! that’s such a waste!

    Jayden: Will do! Will go for those 1 hr cardio classes. heh!

    KingMeng: -_-”

    starmist: hehee join me in the gym!

    x3AMANDA: What’s that? something like slimming centres?

    Pam: I’ll try my best! Even though it’s a bit humiliating when I stumble…

    marie: I like dancing and treadmills! LOL


  8. you can try to lose weight by calculating calories. u calculate what’s e amt of daily calories intake for you, but you take in lesser cals than that. exercise more, eat healthier. always check out e food labels as well to see how much calories will you be consuming if you have this pack of chips.

    and if you really damn enthusiastic right, can buy a book and record e amt of cals u’ve taken each day. very useful but damn stressful as well.

    anyway, jiayou! and gd luck!


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