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im back!
lol! where have i been? lol. updates!
went to bsc chalet and had a sharing session with de maincomm & de bsc nominees. not much peeps came… but had fun! slept onlie 2 hours. 🙁
went to ndp. costume is bright yellow! lol. pretty translucent lol. lotsa peeps felt sick coz we were given a short time to eat then had to practice our dance. three times! my fren vomitted. sighz. dance actually went well! 🙂 loved de lil jam & hop. hahahaa. those p5 kids ah.. tsk tsk tsk. lol. 😛
sighz. then had to wait, wait, wait and wait for de bus to get back. lotsa peeps rather go back themselves and book cab. buses onlie came abt almost one. took bus to tp and took a cab to de chalet. sheesh, no taxi claims. -_-”
reached chalet and de first person tat greeted me said tat i look like a construction worker. >.< ... thanks ah colin… following tat was mahjong, mahjong and mahjong. not bad game. should have betted. hahaa. climbed in bed in morning and slept like de dead…
woke up and cleared de chalets. walked in de bloody hot sun to parkway parade!!! hot hot hot! went to mos burger to eat. i juz grabbed de croquette, minestrone soup, coke, strawberries (3 for 1 buck) and a packet (5 pieces) of butterfly prawns. tis all small stuff rite? it costs a whooping $9.20! *pengz* heart pain..
went back to change and bathe, went to school to help gini, aya and loy put up posters… went to chomp chomp for dinner (@ 11pm!)… slacked a bit @ kenny’s place and he sent us back @ around 2am… his dog is bloody big man! scary!!
pics up! 
i love gini’s poster!

aya’s silly pic! 😛

upside down posters… hmmm?

repeat: i love gini’s poster!

my boi boi! oops. sorry. its LOY not ALOY. *giggles*


posters in biz school… bleah, if it was 2 years ago, i would flood with my color posters..


neat hor? heee heee. *proud look*

2 gangsters… hahaa.
next few pics are of those 3 peeps which me and mira stayed back to help. see post up ur pic on blog. do for u guys publicity also!



lol… now pics of kenny and his big dog… (who is bigger than me. >.< )


tats all!

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