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A day well spent.

I had the best day ever recently.

First up!

Outfit of the day: Pink Kimono dress from FEP, Red wedges and Black Puma bag. Guess where are my wedges from? 😉

That’s CCB’s bike btw. His pride and joy. lol.

Guess where are my wedges from? 😉

I enjoyed a rare breakfast with Ching Chong Boy. Rare because we hardly wake up early… Usually we’ll get a very late lunch/dinner instead.

After the quality time spent together, CCB dropped me off at Haji Lane where there was a “Flea and Fun raiser” event happening.

Found many cheap stuff there! I love flea markets!

But the main point to why I was at Haji Lane was because I was invited to the opening of The Blog Shop. You are probably wondering what I’m talking about…

Yes, The Blog Shop is a physical bricks and mortar retail store showcasing a collection of exclusively manufactured apparel & handcrafted accessories from a variety of established online blog shops.

Wee Chin, the Marketing Manager officiated the opening of The Blog Shop.

And a mad crowd rushed into the store to shop!

Lotsa pretty stuff there.

I think The Blog Shop has a good thing going… most people hesitate buying online because they can’t try on the clothes. While there are measurements, you can’t really know if the dress that you’ve bought would look good on you. But here, you can buy on all of the clothes you’ve seen at those blog shops!

One thing I totally regretted not getting is the holga!

Am still thinking if I should get it. Am a bit cash-strapped at the moment though as I’m gonna learn driving soon! Ah well.

I bought a LOT! I got a nice vintagey sling bag, a denim jacket, denim leggings, 2 dresses, 2 badges and 1 lovely bracelet. It all amounted to $201. That’s quite decent, ain’t it?

Anyway, if you’re interested to checking out The Blog Shop, it’s located at 35 Haji Lane. Website here!

Have fun!

After that, CCB came to pick me up (he couldn’t tahan waiting while I shop. -_-“) and we went to meet some of my blogger friends for an early dinner.

We went to Sunset Grill (140B Piccadilly Singapore Flying Club) as we’ve been hearing so much about the chicken wings.

We tried half a dozen Level 1 wings and half a dozen Level 3 wings.

Honestly to me? The wings were mildly spicy but mainly sour. It wasn’t enjoyable at all. The only reason why I’ll go back would have to be for its mushrooms or to test my tolerance level. I would want to try level 4 or 5 next.

The hamburger steak was bleah to me. I rather eat Pepper Lunch’s hamburger steak instead. However, the rest seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it’s just me.

The good thing was the company was great. Ravenelle, Nerak, Barffie (and all of their significant others/friends/family) were all fun to talk to and I had great fun.

To those who are intending to go there, please make reservations, drive and bring some insect repellent.

Really good day spent shopping and with good company. We should have more days like these…

On a side note, I’m feeling extremely bloated. Aunt red has been delayed at the airport and she hasn’t came to visit yet. I’m not happy it’s not here. Bleah.

Come soon Aunt Red!

7 thoughts on “A day well spent.”

  1. Hi babe! ur from TP ryte??haha…y would i ever forget a sweet popular girl lyk u!lol.
    errr but i aint very sure whether ur from HTM or CMM..hehe..


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