Life and Fun Pictures

hey peeps!
i need a favour! im dying for de song in spiderman 2. u knoe de chinese woman (de street performer) singing tat silly song. i want it! got it stuck in my head!!!
anyway, promote my domain again! MIGHT make a complete move to there and leave blogger behind… *sobz*
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argh. my ndp uniform is stained! *cryz*, sat down on de track and it stained my pants! wonderful. i have red stains on my pants. -_-”
grr. and when soaking de pants, de red run to my NEW CLOTHES. wonderful. nice tank tops and bra have red patches on them. ARGH!
someone juz strangle me!
anyway, tomolo dear bringing me out! gonna search for couple rings for our 1 year anniversary… so sweet! we are gonna have lunch in school tomolo. anyone wanna join us?
tentative lunch gang: me, dear, mira and colin
cant believe its gonna be a year with him. wow. and we have been frens like 2 years.
so its like 3 years with him. 2 years = frens, 1 year = of bliss with him 🙂
damn. im turning into a sappy gf. hee.

my silly boy. he and his silly faces. ask him take picture muz always do cuckoo face. lol. bleah~
oops! realised neva post up bangkok pics. soon yeah?

dun forget to check out my domain!

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