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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 4 Episode 1: Bow and Arrow! (Sunshine Coast)

I was extremely excited about today’s activity for we were gonna try something that I’ve always wanted to try before!

We had a morning surf lesson at Noosa!

Noosa is one of the best places to go to if you’re interested in learning how to surf. We had a session with Dwayne, one of the instructors of Noosa Learn to Surf.

We had to wake up bright and early. Horrible eyebags!

Yes, this is one of the things to try before i die. LOL. We all had to wear the rashies provided.

Brent took a pic of us. I do not know why I had such a cheeky look on my face and why our Jane Doe is smirking all to herself. LOL.

We had to carry our surfboards to the beach and they weren’t light!

Brent paparazzing on us again!

Jen jen and I before the lesson. Calm before the storm!

We were then separated into different groups. The three of us were with the little kiddies. I wonder if it’s because of the more personalised attention or was it because they had a feeling we would be baddddd. LOL.

Of course, it’s because of the personalised attention! Dwayne was such a sweetie.

Dwayne teaching us the basics.

Teaching us how to stand on the board etc.

Bow and arrow baby!

The three of us. Dwayne’s angels? 😉

Apparently Brent wrote that behind us. What does kooks mean?!

Promoting my site. Can you see the ‘’? Ignore the fatty legs pls.

The steps. Legs up, butt in the air and up you go! Click to enlarge!

Dwayne demonstrates the bow and arrow stance.

Us getting ready to catch our first wave!

This is the right way to get your boards over the waves. Angle it! Else you’ll be washed away…. (which happened a few times to me.)

Caught my first wave!

Noosa Beach is a great place to learn. The waves are gentle and great for beginners. Baby steps!

Jane Doe and me catching the waves at the same time. woo hoo! Actually we were quite stubborn. We tried catching the waves together at the same time and we crashed many times together too! At one time, I even surfed over her board. LOL!

Brent (or was it Jane) caught this great shot of us 3. Me with 2 other surfers! Woot! And yes, that’s Jen jen at the side. LOL!


Jane Doe and me! Loving the waves!

Jane Doe and I asked Dwayne (our lovely and charming instructor) to rate us and he gave me a 9.5/10 for a beginner’s effort! Woooot!

Last but not least, Dwayne and I. Thank you for the great experience. I can’t wait to go back to Australia for another surfing experience!


Apologies for the delay of the episodes, I wasn’t in the mood to update after Kabus’ death and had assignments and exams killing me. Exams next week! 10 chapters, kill me pls!

Next episode coming up soon I hope.

I really enjoyed my Australia trip! Hopefully I’ll be able to graduate in Perth next year! And I reallllly realllly miss the 91.3FM gang, TA and everyone else who made it possible for us.

Could we have a meetup soon? I need to grab pics from Andre and the radio recordings too!

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 4 Episode 1: Bow and Arrow! (Sunshine Coast)”

    A person regarded as strange, eccentric, or crazy.

    but also
    someone posing very hard as a surfer
    /a kook is a poser who turns up in the beach car park wearing a top of the range wetsuit and carrying a spanking new surfboard, checks the surf for an hour before actually going in, when it is so obviously pumping, then when he enters the water proceeds to splash around like a drowning rabbit. tip stay at home


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