new shows!

watched de first show of de last season of FRIENDS. will miss de show. soooo sweet Joey & Rachel. hee. though Joey is a bit of a himbo…

i tink Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) has to be one of de most gorgeous woman in de world. No wonder she’s married to Brad Pitt. Juz look at her in that beautiful dress man. makes me feel envious. If i’m a guy, Jennifer Aniston would be my dream gurl. sighz… if onlie i had tat body…


after tat watched de show NIP/TUCK. click here for the website.

after watching de surgery. i decided im happy with myself, my height, my big nose, my bulging tummy, my thunder thighs and many ugly parts of me. i rather keep myself than go under the knife. did i ever mention im horribly scared juz by an injection. yep. if i overcome de fear and am horribly rich, hmmm. plastic surgery still wouldnt be on my list. hahha. slipwrap will. damn eeew man when i watched all de surgery,

that’s it. i’ll keep my fat self.

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