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5 Reasons Why I Love Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is coming and it’s THAT time of the year. I personally enjoy Chinese New Year very much!

Previously, I didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year. Only started celebrating after I started dating Skai aka c(hubby). He has a huge family and it’s really a joy celebrating Chinese New Year together!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.52.14 pm

Here are some reasons why I love Chinese New Year.

1. The Reunion Dinner

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.21.49 pm

An excuse to feast. Why not? While some families may have steamboat at home (I LOVE STEAMBOAT!), Skai’s family usually book a table in a Chinese Restaurant and we’ll enjoy a good 8 course meal together!

2. Yusheng

First #lohei with the team! #nadwork

How can you not like Yusheng! (or Lohei as some may call it). The lovely vegetables with salmon and plum sauce! The whole process is extremely fun! While I may not know all of the sayings, I usually contribute by saying ‘Tian Mi Mi’! or.. HUAT AH!

3. Gambling

Friends will know this. I gamble for fun at times. I love my Mahjong, Texas Hold’em Poker and also Black Jack! HUAT AH!

4. No work


HAHAHHAHAA. Public holidays, no work and can collect angbaos! Well, back then. Now… gotta give angbao liao. Boo.

5. The snacks


Welcome to calorie hell! Hello pineapple tarts, bakkwa and love letters! Licensed to snack!

What are your favourite moments for Chinese New Year? Do comment on this blog post!

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