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Miu Miu visits the vet

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Brought the fatty for his vaccinations not too long ago. Two of them!

Miumiunotprada nadnut

Poor boy was feeling extremely anxious and scared!

Miumiunotprada nadnut

Miumiunotprada nadnut

Miumiunotprada nadnut

But all went well in the end!

Miumiu nadnut

Some cats suffer some side effects after a vaccination. Do take note and special care for a few days after vaccination. They may seem irritable, aggressive, extremely lethargic or even lose their interest in food. Do ensure that they get enough food or water especially.

Miumiunotprada nadnut

Miu Miu was extremely sleepy and lethargic after both vaccinations. We monitored his behaviour and thankfully it subsided. If your cat suffers from a fever or shows any weird behaviour, do contact your vet immediately.

We’ll be bringing Miu Miu for his sterilisation after Chinese New Year! Extremely worried of course but it’s for his own good. No father’s day for Miu Miu! :p

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