the day of an affectionate kitty and a (nearly) little accident.

how drama!


i began my day with feelings of happiness. why? cause i bumped into a stray kitty. soooo small and delicate. so affectionate. untouched by the cruel cruel world. not streetsmart though. those animal abusers usually pick on the young affectionate ones.

even though i have kept cats for like 14 years of my life? i have never asked to bring back any strays. cause i knew the answer was no.

but… i wanted this kitty so bad… reminded me of my chicken leg. so i asked my mum. i think she was stunned for a moment. cause i have never asked for another cat.

she said yes. and i hope the kitty is still there tonight/tomorrow. gonna have a new kitty if its still there!!!!!!!!!!!!

and so i was happy… took the damn shuttle bus wishing every moment that i should have skipped work and brought de kitty home…


fell asleep and the next thing i felt was a bump.

my shuttle bus nearly hit a motorcycle! the familiar feeling was there.

i froze for a moment. felt terrified then i realised my surroundings. it wasnt wat i thought it was.

havent had the dream for close to two months now. (perhaps cause im having so little sleep these days) a blessing. but today, everything starts pouring out again.

wah lao. such a drama morning.

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