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a message to miss neo!

dear miss jenny neo,

please stop surfing sgspree. remember to save save save! remember, we’re going to eat some good steak in january? some heavenly orgasmic thick slab of meat? those that we will salivate over and make those oooooh yummm, yes sounds?

yes, remember that? now put that mouse down. do not click onto the spree site. sprees are evil. i regret introducing to you that site. see that little x at the top right corner of your screen? yes, click that. we must must must eat steak!

remember hor..

good girls eat steak, bad girls eat grass.

and those who cant eat beef, too bad. you’re a bad girl by default liaoz. muahahahahaaa. (yes, thats you gracey)

with love,
nad-i love a good cow-nut

3 thoughts on “a message to miss neo!”

  1. boooo…. i was only window-shopping, i swear!

    cows will always be around, sales won’t be, especially those gorgeous dresses. ahhhhhhhhh…..


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