remember the time i went to try out costumes?

today i went again!

tried out headpieces this time. and even the gingerbread man…

damn funny man the gingerbread man costume! it was a perfect fit and was fun to wear around.

if it wasnt for the fact that i cant eat/drink and that i would have difficulty going to the washroom too, ill definitely get it.

so cute! like the gingerbread man in brothers grimm…

we went to have an arabian buffet.

NOT choice of arabian men or women LAH! but arabian food. rather interesting and yummy!

had my first taste of sheesha (correct spelling?)…

i like!

but i still have not decided what to wear… i wanna try more fun costumes! heh.

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  1. i missed everything!! i was at suntec…but i was with frens…waiting for another to knock off from work. Originally we wanted to join u all at the costume shop…but too late…close at 8pm. zzz…


  2. hey nad. dont think u rem me but i used to play maple with u. anyway that costume shop is it no.1 costume @ arab street? Heh i rented a vampire costume from there before. Alternatively u can go to masquerade. it’s cheaper there. cheers =)


  3. cow>>> hahahaha. bite lor. later ur teeth break! rental depends on costume… lease say 3 days?

    yuehong>>> eh? i dun remember passing anyone my url. LOL! wats ur nick in maple? yeap. its that place =)


  4. yuehong>>> loL! i remember u! hahaha. i stopped playing too! how are u? got blog? 🙂

    and oh. u do know u know who and i are not together anymore right?


  5. jaywalk>>> lol. i like it too! except for the fact that i felt suffocated inside and that i had to remove the costume all the time just to eat, drink or go to the washroom.. lol!


  6. Hi,

    I am looking for a Gingerbread Costume (weird, I know) and I would like to know where the shop that you tried that costume on is located.

    Thanks much,


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