the words sakit tolong rings true yesterday.

fell sick during bintan but managed to curb the virus at bay. unfortunately yesterday i woke up feeling like im walking on ice and that someone was sitting on my head.

despite being unable to afford to take any leave or mc, i had to do it.

however by evening, i was feeling fine (after zzzzing till 5pm), thus i crawled out to meet my fave guy (heheheee. wouldnt u wanna know?!) for another lomantic dinner.

and it seems that he puked out his dinner yesterday when he got home. he fell sick. lol. must be he caught the virus from me.

which probably explains why im feeling oh so fine today. heh.

perhaps, next time to get well, we shall go out with other parties and the virus will jump onto them and we will have a miraculous recovery. in the same time, be smart and not go out with any sick people despite how pathetic they seem or how much they try to teh persuade you.

yes im evurl.

to you: get well soon! go con someone to go out with you so that you can pass the deadly virus to him/her.


im nadia. queen of narnia. and will na-hiah you.

feeling a tad nonsensical. perhaps its due to the lack of caffeine in my diet today. shall furrage for some later.


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