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Quidam, a nameless passerby,
a solitary figure lingering on a street corner,
a person rushing past, a person who lives lost
amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society.

3 years ago, i watched Alegria and was drawn into the fascinating world of Cirque Du Soleil.

i had sworn then that should i had any lil bit of talent, i would have dropped everything and join the circus.

unfortunately, im a total right brainer.

do accounts, do marketing, make decisions, command people, handle events and leadership, all i can handle.

play the piano, the guitar, dance ballet, act, sing, acrobatics or dance, that i cant.

i had never had an artistic side to me. the only ‘artistic’ side i had was playing the recorder in primary school. yes, worn a silly award for being the best teamplayer in my group.

but see. i won not cause i could play well, but cause i was a team player.

from then, in secondary school, i wanted to try something more ‘manly’ and joined NPCC.

ran laps like the boys. did push ups (boys style ok!) and kena tekanned like mad.

and so i did. organised camps, became a drill instructor and being able to command a group of people.

i never looked back.

entered poly and immersed myself in all the activities i was interested in.

i fell in love.

with events. with handling events. organising them. working with people.

so.. im happy in what im doing…


i lack a creative side to myself. took up salsa, and though i love the dance and am still pursueing it, i still cant perfect it.

thing is.. i dance like a guy.

hahahaa. salsa is a sexist dance. the guy leads and the lady follows. i anticipate too much.

bah. i wanna be creative! i wanna sing! i wanna dance! i wanna play the drums and piano! i wanna act!

but those are not my strong points.


and i realise i digress too much.

back to what i was talking about..

i was fascinated with Alegria 3 years ago… *alegria… i see the sparkles that shine, alegria…*

and today i went to see Quidam.

comparing Alegria and Quidam, Alegria is more joyful and happier whereas Quidam is a tad dark…

but i guess these 2 acts really depict my life then and now.

and im looking forward to the next act 3 years from now… would it be happy or would it be dark? or perhaps it would be mysterious or full of anger?

i cant wait.


and i realised i love plays/concerts/circus/acts. do call me if ur looking for company for these…


i spent a bit for this lil toy from cirque du soleil. i fell in love with its melancholic look. it seems so sorrowful and yet paints a mask to seem happy. an actor. a clown.

i havent decided wat to call it yet.

well, meet my latest toy. (though i think im too old to have one)

speaking of morbid, dark and melancholy. does anyone has the book ‘the melancholy death of oyster boy’ by tim burton?

lend me lend me!

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