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that thing about chipmunk nad…

yes yours truly managed to go out today. went to town and caught a movie: dejavu. nice! it was a nice experience going to town when there’s no crowds!

thebeanmaster is very evil! while i was eating soft food, he ate so many yummy stuff infront of me! grrr.

check out the cheeks man… soooo fat!

what i had for lunch…

mushroom soup w/o mushrooms chunks

mashed potatoes.

my unhappy chubby cheeks face.

and here’s what thebeanmaster had and tortured me with.

yummy garlic bread


rosti with sausage and egg.

argh! so irritating! i wanna eat solid food!!!

food for today: mashed potatoes and mushroom soup from marche, strawberry milk, milo, watermelon juice and large kfc mashed potatoes. *burp* i doubt ill lose weight. seem to be gaining weight. grrr

1 thought on “that thing about chipmunk nad…”

  1. i think its the camera angle PLUS the poor lighting.. that’s why the chubby cheeks SEEM very apparent.

    contrast and contrast lah…


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