you know your friend is a sadist…

you know your friend is a sadist when they laugh at you instead of comforting you! in missy’s words, NABEI!

[09:50] missy: so are u working or took leave?
[09:51] nadnut: working sweetie
[09:51] nadnut: my boss is on leave this week
[09:51] missy: wah..
[09:51] missy: den jialat la
[09:51] nadnut: ill have to fight the war
[09:51] missy: u must hold e fort.
[09:51] nadnut: ya
[09:51] nadnut: she left me a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of things to do
[09:52] nadnut: and the subject > The evil taskmaster
[09:52] nadnut: my boss has a warped sense of humour
[09:52] nadnut: sadist
[09:52] missy: hahahahahaahhaa
[09:53] nadnut: bah
[09:53] nadnut: ur another sadist
[09:53] missy: but no more super xiong event for e time being right
[09:53] missy: lol..
[09:53] missy: now u know
[10:13] nadnut: actually my boss’s subject is : The evil taskmaster…. WAHAHAH
[10:13] nadnut: got whahaaha somemore
[10:13] nadnut: -_-
[10:13] missy: hahahaha i tink ur boss v cute!!!!!
[10:13] missy: i like her
[10:13] missy: hahahaahhaha
[10:14] nadnut: >.<

bleah! so much for sympathy!

6 thoughts on “you know your friend is a sadist…”

  1. …cheryos is evil.

    but i’m MORE evil.

    plus sadist. hahahahahaha

    nadnut: we all know you are evil. pure evil.


  2. no! im not evil..im an angel…i got this angelic face…u see… lol..!

    nad..i’d tell u the next time what song is it 😛

    nadnut: orh.


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