Friends Pictures

some silly pics….

quite some time ago when i was in attachment, i went clubbing with G, wen & some of wen’s frens from BIT to zouk… which we headed off to Taboo after tat coz my boss Shawn was spinning there… needless to say, free booze was all around and some of de girls (not me!) got high… some pics tat me boss took from his DJ console… btw: Taboo is a gay pub… which explains why some of de guys were freaked out & clung (and i do mean clung!) on some of us gers…

can see me talking with G and sham behind me…

me & G posing for de camera…

dunno why we were hugging… doesnt G look happy? like she won first prize in 4d!

a closer look at us… lol… my back looks nice and dont we both look so lesbianny?

anyway… tat was a long time ago…. here’s a recent pic of the zouk 13th anniversary i toked abt… a photographer from Frontallabs

from left: me, G, wen, pearl & siwei… yup siwei went with all de girls… LOL… yep.. im TAT short… LOL…

anyway, thats de pic of me new fringe though it looks more messy there… LOL and naughty siwei put a ‘tweese’ sign over wen’s head… LOL..

tats abt it~ (btw, i slept @ 9 today…)

i chose tis template back… tink this is de one i reallie liked.. lol..

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