pet peeves!

irritated beyond bits.

my pet peeves when going out with someone.

1. when i make plans with A, suddenly A tells me his friends (whom i do not even exchange more than 5 words with) is coming. firstly, it is polite to ask if i mind if they’re coming. secondly, if this is not a group outing!!!!!

2. people who are extremely late all the time. habitual late comers. late as in an hour late kind!!!! 15 mins still can tahan lor.

3. people who take so bloody long to transfer money or pay up money. if you say later, please do it tomorrow. not 3 days later!!!! and dont bloody hell make me chase you for the money! i wont bother paying upfront for you next time if i have to chase high and low for my money. have some initiative.

4. bringing a friend/bf/gf along unexpectedly. hello! i date you not date ur friend/gf/bf also lor. cant you exist without them!!!!!

5. fly me aeroplane last minute. total assholes.

5 thoughts on “pet peeves!”

  1. Sounds like my pet peeves too, and in particular 2, 3 and 5. I hate people like that. Not irritate, not dislike. HATE!

    easeup aye? ;p Not worth your irritation.

    nadnut: aye. it should be HATE instead!


  2. i agree with points 3 and 5. for the former, money is always a sensitive issue. for the latter, you get your hopes up on the outing then it all comes to nothing. bleah. >.might be able to handle it if they are really good friends of mine. otherwise, they’ll just pissed mi off. :p

    nadnut: once is ok. twice is stretching it. all the time = no more good friends. giving in is one thing. taken for granted is another.


  3. i really cannot tahan number 3. worse if they keep repeating it cos they’re used to you paying for them!

    heh, um.. i think i’m a bit of number 2 though.. heh heh

    nadnut: horhorhor! change ur bad habit now!


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