Hock Chuan’s TP 10th Year Anniversary Bash

Hi all who knows Hock Chuan from TP SAAD,

he is actually celebrating his 10th yr as
student advisor in TP. We are organizing a big
gathering for him and the students who have
actually worked under him either as his
management committee or sub-comm.

TPSU (first batch to AY 99/00) – Main Comm and
CSC – (Main Comm)
Rotaractors – (Main Comm)
ESC (until AY 02/03) – (Main Comm)
Soccer (not too sure which batch)
Squash (not too sure which batch)
NDP Motivators 02,03,04 – (Main Comm & LFAs)
I-guides 04 (main comm)

Date of Gathering: 21st Aug (tbc)
Venue: TP Alumni Lounge
Cost: To be advised.

We hope to make this big celebration a success
for him so do email me @ should you require more
details or are interested to come, pls email EVE

We look forward to a mass gathering for Hock
Chuan and his students for the past 10 yrs.

(pls help to forward this msg to all those
involved as above)

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