that thing about the heartbeats…

yesterday, i received a lot of missed calls from the bf, aka tiger with messages such as ‘call me, its important!’, ‘this is freaking important, call me regardless of the time!’. when I saw the message @ 4am, i thought something urgent had happened, his house caught fire, someone got into an accident or someone died.

imagine my surprise when tiger asked me, no, he nagged me to go see a doctor as soon as possible as he was afraid I’ll drop dead anytime. -_-“

this was what happened last time… a few weeks ago; i was forced by tiger to accompany him to the star wars exhibition held at the science centre. we, being two individuals with supposedly deprived childhoods, played with everything there and were fascinated with almost all gadgets there. this coming from a science centre kid. sigh.

there was this heartbeat monitor where tiger and I measured our heartbeats. his measured 60ish while mine measured above 90ish. all was forgotten about that…

till the midnight call. supposedly he heard from someone that my heartbeat is way over the normal heartbeat and that I can die anytime.

and when I refused to go to the hospital, (NO WAY! NOT AGAIN!) to check my heartbeat (which I think he’s seriously over-reacting), he suggested that he monitor my heartbeat.

TMD! wanna eat my tofu say so lah!

hahahaaaa. actually, that aint his intention. lol. any inputs on the heartbeat thing?

tiger: your gf gonna expire soon, may drop dead anytime. go find new gf. LOL

6 thoughts on “that thing about the heartbeats…”

  1. it’s not overeacting when it’s dangerous man. just manually count and see how it goes lah.

    normal is 70 to 80.

    90 for just walking around and when i’m 60 and i also walk around…is really bad

    nadnut: *grumbles*. kena nag in real life, sms, msn and now…. my blog. *ROAR!*


  2. i remember watching on tv that ppl who dont exercise will have higher heartbeat.. Start exercising bah..

    nadnut: i walk everyday!!!!!! 20 mins walk! hahahaa.


  3. Take it from me. A normal heart rate at rest can range from 60-100. Seriously. 90+ isn’t much to get excited about. Exercise can even push your heart arte to 150s. Yes, the very fit people have lower heart rates.

    It’s not just the heart rate, but the quality of the pulse that’s important. If it’s irregular then you should take some note.

    Thready pulse, drink more water. An overly strong pulse is also something that may be a cause for concern, if you’re at rest.

    Aiyah, please give more warning time if you are going to drop dead. I need to get insurance for you.

    And I think it’s really sweet that your bf is concerned. You should see some of the bo chup idiots out there and be very thankful. :P\

    nadnut: insurance? o.O… hahahaa. yeah yeah. tiger is sweet. hahahaa. and naggy too. 😛


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