who wants to date a nadnut??!?!!


but i am actually looking for kaki to watch the following show..

and this one! burn the floor!

Latin lovers, don’t miss this chance to witness the revolutionary reinvention of Dance & Cabaret showcased at Sir Elton John 50th Birthday Bash. Burn the Floor is a world class dance entertainment featuring world championship dancers from 15 countries. Critically acclaimed and greeted with raving reviews – come & be part of this exuberant, vivacious and infectious rhythm that will rock the house!

Showtimes: 3 pm & 8 pm
When: April 21 – 23, 2006
Where: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

burn the floor!

friends! where are u guys? those appreciate such shows, call me wor! laoniang lost a lot of ur contacts due to sucky phone.

thanks! <3 (and erm, no free tickets and i’m not treating. :P, paiseh la. saving for a trip.)

6 thoughts on “who wants to date a nadnut??!?!!”

  1. sigh, i got gala premiere VIP tickets for Burn The Floor but i gave it to someone else already… sorry sweetie…

    nadnut: 🙁


  2. howmuch’s the tic for the first show? looks fun ;p

    *heads back to assignment*

    nadnut: go do ur assignment now!


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