Would You Rather? – Mouth or Down There?

I am introducing Would You Rather? which would be out on Terrible Tuesdays!

Actually I had already thought of the idea last year when I met Mooiness.

Basically, this is how it goes. I’ll give you two scenarios and you’ll have to choose one! and explain why. It might be quite easy and simple or it can be quite hard. But you’ll have to choose it!

A bit of fun and lots of interaction from you, me and everybody! If you do read this, come on, participate!

So for this week’s Would You Rather? Here’s your choice!

Would you rather have a girl/guy vomit:

1) While giving your a blowjob/licking you down there?


2) While french kissing you?

I asked Mooiness this question when he was in Singapore last year but I had totally forgotten about it till last week’s Alcohol craziness. Needless to say i vomitted like mad. Yes, inspired by it and yes it happened last Tuesday thus the Terrible Tuesday title. BAH.

I think I should be feeling sick, I was googling for images to use and I saw really horrid puke pics. Argh. I wanted to use some really horrid puke pics but I don’t wanna get cursed by you guys. :X

Add: LOL. I was just thinking, how interesting it’ll be if this is a talk show. What do you think? Maybe this can be my next project after Blogger’s Sweets!

Go comment now!!

Aside from that, don’t forget to join the “Do YOU want to WIN a HP TouchSmart?” contest! Closing date on 12th July!

18 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Mouth or Down There?”

  1. i’ll take option one!

    i dont want to taste his vomit! gross! :X

    (Spelling error in previous post! 🙂


  2. ohmigosh, our favourite drinking game has found its way onto the intertubes.

    i’d choose 1. don’t really have to taste it..


  3. the first option please..if the guy vomit into my mouth while french kissing, i think i will gag and do the same back…gross i know


  4. Hahah! Awesome! Looks like #1 is the logical choice for most people. As for pics or even vids (!) showing #1, yeah better to not search for them because they are out there. And pics/clips for #2 are probably out there too but I’ve never searched for them. 😛


  5. nad: If the bits get stuck (actually won’t lah. Unless your bits are so…….. gaping wide open?) then douche it out lor. I probably will throw up on the guy if I were to have him puke on me.


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