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CommunicAsia 2008 – Taking a look at LG’s Booths

I was invited by the kind people, Fleishman Hillard to take a look at LG’s and Yahoo’s newest inventions. I decided to split them into 2 entries. So first up, LG!

The outside of the hall. NICE!

On the way in, I spotted some interesting girls.

Nice way of getting attention. I wonder if they were insulted that I took pics of their back instead of their front. 😛

Pity about the ugly colour of the uniform though.

We were then ushered to the little corner in the LG booth to wait for the SUPER LATECOMERS. *glares*

Erm, some refreshments we had. The lemon drink we had was horribly sour. ECK!

When the rest of the group finally arrived, the very pretty and softspoken PR manager Ja-Young brought us around and showed us the LG Secret.

I think she was quite shocked because everyone started taking pictures of her instead of listening to her demonstation. 😛

Typical blogger behaviour seen here.

Erm. Sabrina took this pic of me. I didn’t know I pout when I take pics. o.O

A pic of the very pretty LG Secret.

Some info on the phone.

Ja-Young explaining how the phone works to me.

Me with the LG Secret. Can you recognise the bloggers in the background?

After we touched our fill with the Secret, we then stalked some models and took pics of them.

Too bad they weren’t looking at me. I need a DSLR!

The rather corny emcee who proclaimed that the top bloggers were in the house. All of us started walking backwards slowly.

There was a great performance by the dance group! Fab. Now I feel like taking dance lessons!

The Secret seems really interesting and it’s really thin! I’m using it right now and so far so good! I have not read the instruction manual (nor do I like reading such things) and I seem to be coping fine without it. 😛

Pic of moi with the Huge LG Secret Model.

Sabrina and me. Some of the pics here is taken by Sabrina. Thanks babe!

Pretty babe, Sheylara and meh.

While on my way to the Yahoo Booth, I spotted some VERY familiar faces.

Corde babe who was working at the Samsung booth.

Sweet Barffie who was there with Janise and Jeffwee. No pics with Jeffwee because he’s analnonymous. 😛

The sassy one, SassyJan. 😉

Yahoo updates soon! The tour around Yahoo’s booth!

Thanks LG, Sabrina and Gavin for the invites!

Aside from that, don’t forget to comment on the HP TouchSmart contest!

5 thoughts on “CommunicAsia 2008 – Taking a look at LG’s Booths”

  1. BABES! its secret la not scarlet! scarlet is a LCD TV, not a phone. >_<

    nadnut: oops! dunno why i kept typing scarlet. mixed up with the previous LG event i attended. 😛


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