What makes Singapore girls so hot and Singapore guys so not.

Here’s my take at this week’s topic.

I think I’ll be stoned by the guys. Thank god I’m seeking refuge at Phuket!

(old pic of meh at Phuket, 2005)

2 thoughts on “What makes Singapore girls so hot and Singapore guys so not.”

  1. Haha i like this entry! Dun cha wish your gf was HOT Like me… totally agree that SG guys are just so bo chap when it comes to dressing.. *open their wardrode*..

    Formal Shirts *yawns boring white with stripes / black* = “for work”

    Formal Shirts *yawns light coloured with stripes*
    = “for attending wedding dinners”

    T-shirts (tons of it) = “can wear downstairs / pubs / dinners / shoppings ”

    Shoes = 3 pairs (sports shoes for sports / sandals / leather shoes)

    Boring Boring Boring….


  2. Ginl> Men are lazyyyyyy and slobs! at least most of them. I love it when guys dress it! There’s so many looks they can carry off, suspenders, blazer+tee, cardigan, preppy shirt+sweater and all. But it seems only the younger generation ‘boys’ bother to dress up, the ‘men’ aka old fogeys can’t be bothered!


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